Thursday, 10 January 2008

Trust and Faith

We've been doing John Milton's "On his blindness" in English. It was one of my favourite poems before now, although the discussion in class did bring new facets of the poem forward.

Strangely enough, what really struck me and heightened my appreciation of the poem, is not what we discussed, but what we didn't. I probably look at most things with a more christian perspective than most of my class and maybe more of a writer's perspective too, which might explain my interpretation. We barely touched on this (the following) in class, but it jumped out at me immediately.

I've always been struck by Milton's absolute faith in God. Even when he goes through blindness, he doesn't blame God, but wonders how he will continue to serve Him. Milton doesn't demand an answer from God, but eventually does come to a profound, and I think divine, conclusion. I might express it as God wants us to BE his people rather than DOing work for him. In some cases the work is important, but other times we just need to wait.

Something we did discuss in class, which added to my understanding is Milton's patience. His personification of Patience as answering his questions inspires me to spend time being patient, to spend time in thought and in prayer. Perhaps it reminds me that one should not be sacrificed for the other.

"On his blindness" really is an awesome poem. I'm more inclined than ever to read "Paradise Lost". I think I know what my next trip to the library will bring.

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