Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Thank you

Confusion; turmoil;
Need to sort
this sad life out.

Through the falls
and through the pain:
You're here to
pick me up again.

The One and Only
always true:
Did I think
to say . . . thank you?

Monday, 14 April 2008

Back to School . . . Again

I simply couldn't believe that I really had to go back to school today: in fact I'm not sure it's sunk in yet. The last three weeks of holiday have been so amazingly free. It's not that I've had nothing to do - that'll be the day - but rather that I've had the freedom to organise my own time.

One of my friends commented today that we "grow out of school" in Grade 1 school is so cool. By the time you're reaching the end of the road you just want out!

75 days left 'til we leave school behind . . . no more kids who can't understand and won't try (in theory at least . . . I know leaving school won't make life perfect).

Well, I'm nearly there. Can't wait!