Sunday, 29 March 2009


If we travel along at a constant speed, without any external forces, it's impossible to tell whether we're whole or broken. However, the state of inertia isn't very exciting or particularly meaningful. It's just safe.

When other forces come into play, things get much more complicated. Instead of stasis we have movement. Mass and acceleration come into play. Things change, and we cant always control them.

Having our entire family back together again is complicated. It's good - definitely good - but also complicated and definitely requires thought.

Monday, 09 March 2009


Er, what I meant, of course, was


This weekend was the Kontiki Raft Rally for scouts in Gauteng. Now, technically I'm not sure whether or not I should've been part of my troop, since I haven't been able to go to the meetings for the last term, but I was there as family anyway, so I just joined in anyway. It was awesome!

We pioneered our campsite and although it was far from perfect, it was definitely functional and attractive. I had fun sticking up decorations all over everything! (Well, I'm sure they awarded our camp points for theme, right? They must have, after I stuck up all those parrots and gold coins and Jolly Rogers.)

As you might guess from the above, the theme was Pirates of the Caribbean. Everything centred around that, from the raft shaped like a treasure chest, through the aforementioned decorations, to the STA (Spare Time Activity) which involved three parts:

a)Building a treasure chest. Most people made pretty little cardboard contraptions, but since the brief emphasised originality, ours was entirely pioneered. It was made from twigs of various sizes lashed together with blue ribbon/twine. (Adiero's troop colours are black and blue.)

b)"Walk the plank" - creating the longest possible, self supporting, aerial walkway. Since we didn't have leagues of extra equipment, we took the creative approach again. Our plank was a closed figure - a square - which can be said to be infinitely long. Of course, if you're really boring you might have measured it as having a two metre perimeter, but the distance to walk before reaching the end is definitely infinite.

c) Cracking a code. This was possibly the easiest part of the STA, because once we had the solution we knew it was right, and we knew exactly what was expected of us. I'm not sure you really want to know the registration number of the Camp Chief's caravan, so I won't put it up (besides, I can't remember it), but that was what the code instructed us to find.

There were plenty of other activities, like the dress-ups and the cooking competition, too. If I listed them all, I'd be here all day! We were very proud to win two certificates, taking second place for raft mobility and raft dress-up in the province (around 50 troops).

Next year, Kontiki goes to El Dorado and meets the Incas. I have a few ideas up my sleeve already, but perhaps I shouldn't post them, in case of spies from other troops! I can't wait for next year . . . I'm definitely going to be as involved as I can!

Wednesday, 04 March 2009


This year, I have not been writing half as much as I expected to be. In the last couple of days it's begun to pick up again, and I've been thinking about why I stopped, and why I started again.

Stress is certainly one reason I stopped. There have been a lot of major changes in my life this year and it's taken a while to even begin to get used to them. When I'm stressed, my mind tends to be wrapped up in the immediate stress, which is not inducive to creative writing. I think stress inhibits creativity.

Busyness has also played a role. I'm quite amazed at how much I'm doing, considering that I'm doing 'nothing' this year! All the little things add up, I suppose. It just takes a new mindset to get things done, since the way my time is structured (or not structured) is very different.

Around the end of last year there was a lot of cynicism going around a writing forum I was very involved in. I consciously decided to stay away from that discussion, but I think it also affected my desire to contribute anything to that environment. I think that attitude has died down by now, and I've just recently been exposed to a couple of different attitudes to writing.

Hopefully, all of that means that I'll be scribbling away (figuratively speaking) for the rest of the year.

Sunday, 01 March 2009

Cute Boys and Pretty Girls

AKA School Fashion Show 2009

One might think that after leaving the school, I wouldn't end up in the scoring team again, but I did. I don't really mind. I'm not really into the whole fashion show scene, but these are the perks:

  • I get to half see the show without having to pay large amounts of money or be very impressed.
  • I get to boss famous people around - sort of. (Mandoza, Mr South Africa 2008 . . .) The judges tend to get confused when the MCs get overly creative and the scorer tends to do the sorting out.
  • I get to pretend I'm part of the school eventing crew again. I miss those kids!
  • I get free cooldrink. Okay, so that doesn't count for much. It is something, though.