Tuesday, 26 January 2010


I've been a voracious reader for as long as I can remember -- I'll read just about any well written book, and a large number of not so well written books too. For a somewhat shorter time, I've been a critical reader. Partly it's that every aspiring writer is told to go out and read critically, but more than that at a certain point comparisons become inevitable.

Which is better, Harry Potter or Narnia? How do I predict which library shelves hold the most enjoyable books? What should I recommend to other people? Some kind of standard becomes necessary. Besides, it's fun to talk about books - nearly as much fun as it is to read them.

At some point, I discovered the fun of writing book reviews. At first I tried to list main characters and important themes; to make a literary analysis of the book. The trouble with that approach is twofold. For one thing, I'm rather unqualified to make literary analyses and quite aware of it. For another, I could write a review as long as the book itself, which rather defeats the purpose of a review.

Then, while I was exploring different kinds of nonfiction writing, I stumbled across a better way of writing reviews. A book review is a true story about an adventure I went on - the adventure of reading a good book, an awful book, or even a mediocre book. Sharing my adventure is not about what I know and don't know and it doesn't have to be exhaustive. It's even more fun to write than the formal things I learned to write at school.

My 26th of January resolution is to write more book reviews. As a kind of motivation, I'll post them too, on deviantART and at the Reading as Discipline blog. Words are fun. Words about words are even more fun!

Friday, 22 January 2010

Lo, She Emerges

At least, she hopes so. Moving house is a complicated business, and the worst part is that it means no internet! Things are more-or-less settled now, and my university orientation begins in a week, which is quite exciting.

In the meantime, the rest of my family have settled into various schools (and a seminary), and we've found a church to fit in at. In just a few weeks I've been part of a good number of different activities, and I've begun teaching Sunday School, which is awesome.

I 'click' with Sunday School. Preparing and praying and running the programme are all so much fun, so meaningful and just right. I'm very happy to be involved in that already.

Basically, we are here and even have internet! I will write a post that uses a larger section of my brain later! Have a nice day!