Monday, 23 June 2008


Old memories,
long packed away,
now enter my mind.
The doors have been opened.
Now, in contemplation
I learn something
of myself.

Monday, 09 June 2008

Into my future . . .

I have finally, after much deliberation, decided what I shall study next year. I discovered Wits' undergraduate Biomedical Engineering degree: BEngSc(BME). I think Wits is is one of the few universities worldwide that offers BME at an undergraduate level. It's certainly the only one in the country (as far as I can tell).

It does mean that I am not studying philology, liguistics, English Literature (at any stage) or any other language. The good side is that I don't have to drop IT, Biology, Physics or Chemistry (yet). I hope I'll still keep up my interest/knowledge in the language stuff. I do know what philology is - even if it's only due to my LOTR obsession (you may have picked that up from my name . . .).

Oh yes, I should probably explain what Biomedical Engineering. Everyone I've told has said "What?" Biomedical Engineers are the people who make pacemakers, prostheses etc. etc. The BEngSc degree is not a professional degree - it doesn'tgive you all the educational background to become an engineer, but I'll be able to do some other engineering degree (quite likely information engineering) in a relatively short time afterwards.

I'm looking forward to it . . . so long as my application is accepted (it should be, I mean they wouldn't refuse me would they? . . . nah, I'll be fine . . .)