Monday, 09 March 2009


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This weekend was the Kontiki Raft Rally for scouts in Gauteng. Now, technically I'm not sure whether or not I should've been part of my troop, since I haven't been able to go to the meetings for the last term, but I was there as family anyway, so I just joined in anyway. It was awesome!

We pioneered our campsite and although it was far from perfect, it was definitely functional and attractive. I had fun sticking up decorations all over everything! (Well, I'm sure they awarded our camp points for theme, right? They must have, after I stuck up all those parrots and gold coins and Jolly Rogers.)

As you might guess from the above, the theme was Pirates of the Caribbean. Everything centred around that, from the raft shaped like a treasure chest, through the aforementioned decorations, to the STA (Spare Time Activity) which involved three parts:

a)Building a treasure chest. Most people made pretty little cardboard contraptions, but since the brief emphasised originality, ours was entirely pioneered. It was made from twigs of various sizes lashed together with blue ribbon/twine. (Adiero's troop colours are black and blue.)

b)"Walk the plank" - creating the longest possible, self supporting, aerial walkway. Since we didn't have leagues of extra equipment, we took the creative approach again. Our plank was a closed figure - a square - which can be said to be infinitely long. Of course, if you're really boring you might have measured it as having a two metre perimeter, but the distance to walk before reaching the end is definitely infinite.

c) Cracking a code. This was possibly the easiest part of the STA, because once we had the solution we knew it was right, and we knew exactly what was expected of us. I'm not sure you really want to know the registration number of the Camp Chief's caravan, so I won't put it up (besides, I can't remember it), but that was what the code instructed us to find.

There were plenty of other activities, like the dress-ups and the cooking competition, too. If I listed them all, I'd be here all day! We were very proud to win two certificates, taking second place for raft mobility and raft dress-up in the province (around 50 troops).

Next year, Kontiki goes to El Dorado and meets the Incas. I have a few ideas up my sleeve already, but perhaps I shouldn't post them, in case of spies from other troops! I can't wait for next year . . . I'm definitely going to be as involved as I can!

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