Wednesday, 09 January 2008

Back to School

On the whole, I think today was a good day. I've one new teacher, who seems nice, although she did admit to an obsession with lambs. (This was evident from her classroom decorations.) I've moved seats in a few classes and got a whole pile of new books and files to cover.

English continued as if we'd never been away; some teachers are like that. Ditto Afrikaans, except our desks had moved from "group discussion" layout to "cycle test" layout. We have been threatened with having our seating rearranged - and we're the First Div. "angels". We're supposed to be at least.

Other subjects we got back exams and discovered how much work this year is going to be - or rather how no-one needs to tell us this, since everyone else has (apparantly) told us this. We somehow got the message, without actually hearing it: "Work! Hard! Now! You can have a free today." When we actually do have to work, we'll be told it's not that much of a load.


Now I need to finish my maths so I can read Jordan's 'Wheel of Time' series.

School's Out!

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