Saturday, 18 July 2009

When the Numbers Dance

We visited our postbox soon after we arrived back home and found a package from UNISA. My study notes had arrived. For me, it marks the end of holiday time and the beginning of hard work. I have about twenty assignments due in the next nine or ten weeks!

I'm going to be busy, but I know I'll enjoy it; I'm already enjoying it. I've been studying Spherical Trigonometry, because I don't need a textbook and because the first assignment is due in less than a fortnight. Also, because Spherical Trig is really just so cool.

I know that there are many people who don't like maths. I see that it's real, but I have to admit that it's not something I really understand. For me, the numbers dance. Sometimes I don't follow the steps, but that doesn't mean it isn't grand to watch.

The concepts of spherical geometry are beautiful. The distinction between a distance and an angle blurs. One number dances right into the position of another. A nautical mile is a distance, but it is defined by an angle. A spherical triangle's side can be 43° long. It sounds absurd, but it's entirely logical. The numbers are dancing.

It's good to remember the beauty of numbers and mathematics. I'm glad to have so much work to do, although I still want to find time to keep on doing lots of other things. It's good to be busy and it's good to immerse myself in things that stimulate me and appeal to me. Today, I can blog and I can solve triangles. Life is good.

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