Sunday, 19 July 2009

Remember Always

We celebrated communion at church tonight. Communion is always something special; something sacred, but tonight I saw it in a new light. Communion was by intinction which meant the communion stewards weren't moving from person to person. I happened to be sitting quite near to them, which meant that even after I had received communion and was back in my seat I heard the words the stewards said over and over.

"Remember always, Christ died for you."

The consistent, quiet repetition struck me as something special. Although there are many phrases used during communion, the one above is what sticks with me. I'm not sure if I heard it tonight - at least, I'm not sure if I heard it physically. I definitely heard God telling me to "remember always".

It gives me renewed energy to live with God at every moment, in every part of my life. It's easy to slip into compartmentalising things, but He knows what I need. I think that tonight God was reminding me to remember Him always: not only forever, as I sometimes interpret that "always", but constantly. When I sat in the church I physically heard the steward repeating the blessing. Now, as I go out into the world, I need to mentally and spiritually have God's presence resounding within me.

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