Monday, 13 July 2009


Today has been bittersweet. Some things were awesome, like walking on the beach with my family. Visiting my mom, being on holiday, are good. On the other hand, several nights without sleep and a horrid cold have been catching up with me. Also, we go back home tomorrow. Having my very own bed back will be good, but leaving my mom behind is not good. In the balance, my mom wins (by quite a long way!), but there are other reasons we have to go back.

So today has had its high and its low points. What has been made very clear to me, though, is that I have Rock to hold on to no matter what happens. Nothing can happen that will take me away from God: 'neither death nor life, nor angels nor principalities nor powers, nor things present nor things to come'. (Romans 8:38, NKJV) I've sometimes considered that a little obvious, but today it really resonated with me. No matter what happens, Jesus is the rock that I can hold on to. I don't know how I'd do life without Him, because even in my relatively easy life, I spend a lot of time asking Him for help. I think it's good to spend a lot of time with Him, and I'm really, really grateful that he wants to spend that time with me. The sea of life is quite scary enough as it is.


  1. I'm glad I win. You guys are a blessing to me - I appreciate you in a different way after the last few months!

  2. Of course you win!