Saturday, 31 January 2009

Ticker Timer

Today I visited The Ticker Factory and am now counting down the days until I get to see my mom again. The ticker should be right above this post (unless of course this is one of those weird future things where you're reading this long after I posted it and I've already seen her!) It's fun, because there are several ways to customise the ticker. Of course, the best bit is that it's free.

Now I want to see her immediately, but that's not going to happen, sadly. At least we have Skype and email (and blogs!) to keep in touch; getting into the routine of the new year also helps a lot. It just ain't quite the same. That, I guess, is life.


  1. Cool, going to try to put one on my blog now.
    I'm glad you miss me though!

  2. I saw your counter . . . didn't realise Google had one for some reason. I like mine though :D

    I s'pose it's good that I miss you, but it would still be easier if I didn't!

  3. I also like yours, but I couldn't find my way out of pregnancy and ovulation calendars to something ordinary. So I tried google.

  4. Oh, I see. Yes, that was confusing. Eventually I figured out to click the bit at the middle/bottom that looks like a set of ads!