Saturday, 10 January 2009


It's a new year again (okay, it was a new year ten days ago, but still) and it feels too soon and very weird. Amongst other things, it's the first year that I"m not going to school at all, although I am doing some first year courses via UNISA's correspondence programme. It's also the first year that I'm living without my mom, because the church has given her a post halfway across the country and she didn't want to uproot the whole family for just one year. So, this year is different.

Hopefully a positive difference will be that I'll have more time to blog. I really would like to update regularly, I just have to prioritise and I find that this blog doesn't end up very high on the list. With all the differences this year, maybe it'll end up high enough to get done. After all, a rather large item called school & final exams has been removed from the list. So here's to 2009 and time to update blogs!

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