Sunday, 04 October 2009

The Kid Who Grew up in the Back of a Church

I went to church by myself this morning, because my dad was preaching somewhere else. That's not particularly unusual in itself, but it's the first time that I haven't chickened out in this situation. It's easy to say 'Well, I'll go in the evening anyway, so what does it matter if I skip the morning service?' and avoid having to sit by myself. I feel better today, knowing that I went to both services than I did last time I skipped a service, though.

The funny thing is that lots of people I know will skip church altogether for reasons that seem smaller (at least to me). I don't want to judge what's right or wrong for them - I certainly wouldn't expect everyone to go to two services a Sunday - but it does highlight that my situation is a little unusual. Most kids didn't grow up in the back of a church.

Apparently, my mother played the organ at church in 18 August 1991 on 25 August 1991, she also played the organ, with the addition of a baby in a carry-cot (me!). I still remember being part of the row of four duvets at the back of the church. Going to church is what we do. I never particularly minded, and I was going to church because I wanted to long before my confirmation.

Sometimes I need to remember that it's not like that for everyone. Sometimes I need to remember that even though it's not like that for everyone, it is like that for me. I've tried going to church infrequently (once a week is infrequently, okay?) and also more frequently. I connect better with God when I'm in His big house often, so that's where I'll put myself. Even if people think it's strange that I dislike going to church less than three times a week.


  1. Hello Charli,

    I just happened to post this today, which relates closely to what you say:

    As for growing up "in the back of a church", even though I'm a minister, I hate the spotlight. When I visit other Churches, I sneak in at the back. But you know how many times they spot me, and say, "You know who we have here today? We're going to ask him to come right up here to the front ... !"

    Why aren't you on Way too complicated for you, perhaps? ;-)

    By the way, my son Matthew follows your blog.

  2. Hi Thomas

    That is coincidental!

    I think one of the advantages of being a child was that people didn't even think about putting you up front. It's almost like being invisible - although there are downsides to that too.

    I guess I should figure out amatomu: a while back I made a deal with myself not to add any gadgets 'til I'd kept blogging for a month. By the end of it, I'd forgotten. =/

    It's great to know that people are reading my stuff - thanks. :D