Saturday, 13 June 2009

Holiday, maybe.

On the twenty-third of June I can register for second semester courses at UNISA. That's technically only ten days away, but ten days is more than a week. That's a very long time.

Well, ten days isn't really that long, but I would never have taken ten days off school (at least, not during term time), so spending that long without any specific work to do while everyone else is busy feels wrong. And then, I'm not sure I'll actually have work to do on the twenty-third. Besides, on the twenty-ninth we leave on holiday, and six days (including a weekend) is not enough to build a routine. Part of me says I should just lump it all together and make it sixteen days. That's half a month!

I think I need to convince myself that I'm on holiday early, because another sixteen days without anything I have to do might drive me insane otherwise. I don't mean a 'laze around and do nothing' kind of holiday, but an 'it's okay not to be up at six for school' kind of holiday. Not that I'm up at six now, but it feels like sleeping late. If seven is late, why not sleep 'til ten or twelve or three? (I'm not that bad, I promise, but I've definitely been sleeping past seven.)

I think if I can classify the time as 'holiday' I'll do things because I want to, rather than feeling duty-bound, but procrastinating. I don't like sleeping desperately late, often, because it takes a bite out of my day. I've been doing it over and over lately.

So, from Monday I'm on an extended holiday. I'll claim it as vaguely justified since I worked so hard for matric last year. Then I can have holiday-ish goals. Maybe I'll even finish reading The Odyssey, but if I don't, it's no big deal. Maybe I'll play with my newly installed feedreader. I could read the Picoult novel a friend lent me too. Who knows? I'm on holiday!

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