Monday, 22 August 2011


My Triffid and I
Er, I mean, Barberton Daisy! That doesn't have quite the same ring to it, somehow. Still, I'm very glad I have a Barberton Daisy and pretending it's a Triffid means I can be glad I have a Barberton Daisy at the same time I'm glad I have a pretend Triffid. (That kind of imaginative play is characteristic of early childhood? Really? I must be an early child then.) So it's two-for-one kind of deal.

Now I just need to apply that to the rest of life. It's quite exciting that we're writing code to model the Saturn V rockets used in the Apollo missions. Except that statement is only slightly more true than claiming I have a Triffid. Really, we're writing code that models certain aspects of the Saturn V rocket while simplifying others so that the end result is nothing like realistic. It still is an interesting project -- we really are doing rocket science -- but my Barberton daisy starts to look small and dull in comparison to a Triffid.

On the other hand, I don't really want to be handling code that's as temperamental as a Triffid, so maybe I'll stick to my little Barberton daisy project. In keeping with my early child tendencies, maybe I just need to pretend that my project report is going to my NASA supervisor. That lab report is actually a submission to Nature.

I just need to figure out why it is that I keep having to write undergrad class tests.

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