Saturday, 19 September 2009

Shakespeare Saturday: King Lear

I'm going to read King Lear. There's not a great deal of logic to the choice, but if I'm going to write about Shakespeare, reading some of his work might help. I read King Lear years ago, but I don't remember much more than the basic plot. Also, we own a copy of King Lear in decent-sized print and it's my sister's set work for next year. If I read it now, we might even get to talk about it next year.

My theory is that by next week, I'll have read at least the first scene of King Lear, so I'll have something to post. When I've read it (the play, not the scene!) once, maybe I'll read it again so that I actually catch all the clever bits, which will potentially give me something meaningful to say.

And having written this much, I remember another reason for my genera inclination toward rereading King Lear: I read this is all: the pillow book of Cordelia Kenn a while ago, and it inspired me to read about the titular character's namesake. It's only taken me about two years to get there!


  1. How fortuitous that you mentioned this on Saturday--I was at a family reunion and I was talking with a younger cousin who is at a university, studying literature. . . about Shakespeare! At one point in our conversation, he said he had pointed out to the school's English department that it seemed odd to him that none of the Shakespeare courses they offered had "King Lear" in them--they were horrified and immediately set about correcting that!

    Cordelia is a special name to me because one of my great-aunts has it as part of the name she took when she became a nun many years ago. I sometimes think I might like to name a daughter after her someday.

    I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the play!

  2. That is quite a coincidence, Kate! Or a pair of coincidences, maybe.

    I'm having to exercise my patience in not posting about Shakespeare 'til Saturday, so I have something to say then.