Friday, 29 February 2008

The Mushroom Philosophy of Life

Some people say life is a war.

Some say it's a party.

Some say it's a journey.

Today I think it's a mushroom:

everything gets so busy, you've heaps to do and you never know how you'll get anything done. Then, one day: pouff it's all finished.

A little while later it's grown into tenfold as much to do as before then - pouff!. And so the cycle continues.


  1. Sounds a bit like Ecclesiastes don't you think?
    Would you say that your thoughts are cycnical?

  2. I didn't think of it like that, but I guess it is like Ecclesiastes. . . a time to germinate and a time to pouff. I didn't really intend it cynically, it was just an observation and an attempt at a sort of explanation. Perhaps I'm just intrinsically cynical enough that I don't have to try.

  3. Some of the cynicism in Ecclesiastes is in the thought that life just consists of never-ending cycles and that there is never anything new. I guess Jesus blew that idea. But that sort of cynicism can lead to despair. . .